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Facility Management System (FMS)

FMS helps to monitor remotely and in real time 24/7 all  the utilities like air-conditioning, electricity, water, oxygen, LPG, diesel and pneumatic tube systems and central UPS systems  by digitally  capturing data from equipment and  IoT devices located at various locations through wireless technologies like WiFi, Lora, and BLE  operation. This system reduces energy consumption and automates the functioning of all utility equipment.

Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)

EMS helps to monitor real time and remotely 24/7 environmental conditions at the end points like temperature and relative humidity at various locations, and refrigeration equipment like blood bank refrigerators and cold storages in operation theatres, intensive care units, laboratories, equipment rooms (CT scan / MRI/Cath Lab) and also in food service areas.

Transport Management System (TMS)

TMS helps to monitor the usage of any GPS enabled vehicles like cars, trucks, ambulances in factory, hospital or hotel. It enables the  tracking of various factors such as revenue generated, distance travelled, number of trips made, the turn-around times for pickup and drop, fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Fire Safety Management System (FSMS)

FPMS helps to monitor the readiness of all the fire-safety equipment like the fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, and fire pumps in a large building. It provides digital check lists and QR codes for carrying out periodical physical maintenance check of fire safety equipment in a large building facility. This also provides a ready and authentic record for regulatory authorities during their inspection.

Material Collection/Delivery System (MCDS)

This application helps digitally ascertain the collection and delivery details of any material like food, documents, orders placed by the patients in the wards and also digitally monitor the movement of collection and delivery of items inside a large building like a hospital or a factory.

Real-time Location Tracking System (RTLS)

The RTLS helps real time location tracking of critical equipment and people. During Covid-19 pandemic times it played the crucial role of tracking the movement of patients and employees inside a hospital so as to ensure that social distancing was maintained and the corona afflicted patients were traced in real time. In this application small blue-tooth low energy (BLE) IoT tags are placed on the equipment /patients to track them as they move around inside the hospital. This application will also be very useful for locating misplaced or stolen equipment in a large facility.

Customer Education and Engagement System (CMS)

In a hospital or a hotel environment, activities such as customer feedback, and, complaints and suggestions, facility orientation, room readiness checklist and many more can be digitised using this application. It eliminates a great deal of paper works and reporting efforts.