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Low code-No code technology—The viable solution for better hospital management

Coimbatore Management Association ,CIO Club of Coimbatore, and Zoho  Corporation, Chennai, jointly organized the programme titled  “Driving  digital transformation in healthcare with Low code- No  code software technology” on November 5, 2022 at ITC Grand Hotel, Coimbatore.


As many as 50 CIOs from hospitals in and around Coimbatore attended the programme. Besides them, the former presidents and office-bearers of CMA, CIO Club and the product and marketing team of Zoho Corporation, Chennai, also participated.

In his welcome address CMA Vice-President Mr Nithyanandan Devaraaj applauded the CMA for its enormous contribution made towards professionalization of management ever since its inception in 1956.

He highlighted the importance and impact of digital technology in various industries, particularly in the healthcare sector. He said India is the digital super power of the world and to retain the coveted position it has to promote innovation, and impart re-learning, re-skilling and up-skilling among the professionals.

Ms Merlin, Manager (Marketing), Zoho Corporation,  addressed  the gathering on the emergence of new and disruptive software technology called  “Low  code and No code software (LCNC)” in which Zoho Corporation is a leader in the magic quadrant as per Gatner, a world renowned IT rating agency.

She said that Zoho Corporation is truly a “Make in India” company with over 25 years of presence in India and having 18 million users of its more than 45 products like Zoho Creator, Zoho Finance, Zoho Marketing competing with IT giants like Google and Microsoft.

She said that Zoho Creator started as a LCNC software platform initially focused on small and medium size organizations but now it is also able to cater to enterprise level organizations, thanks to the enormous R&D efforts put in by the company in the last decade.

Later Mr U.K.Ananthapadmanabhan, the past president of CMA and Founder & CEO of Tenxhealth Technologies, Coimbatore, delivered a one-hour talk on the  concept of LCNC technology and how it is contributing to digital transformation in hospitals. He gave practical demonstration of some of IT applications developed in collaboration with Zoho Creator.

 He has implemented the LCNC technology in more than 10 IT applications, including Ambulance management, Facilities engineering management, Fire safety equipment management and Medical equipment management in the last one year in major hospitals such as MGM Healthcare , Chennai, St John’s  Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru, and Ortho  One hospital in Coimbatore.

Mr Ananthapadmanabhan said the LCNC is truly a disruptive software technology which any professional with no or very little coding knowledge can develop to suit the requirements. The application of this technology has proved to be five times faster, five times cheaper and five times easier in managing the affairs of a hospital than the conventional methods.

Citizen Programmers

The professionals who develop their own IT applications using LCNC technologies are called “Citizen Programmers.” According to Gatner, a research agency, in the next five years all over the world we will need 500 million IT applications but there is a severe shortage of good, qualified and experienced IT programmers. In such a situation LCNC can be found to be the best tool in meeting the huge demand for IT professionals.

Mr Ananathapadmanabhan also introduced the concept of “hyper automation” which is a platform approach and the convergence of emerging IT technologies to achieve excellence in hospital operations.

 Mr Senthil, Manager (Operations) of Ortho One, gave a vivid description of the Ambulance management system built on the Zoho Creator platform by the Tenxhealth Technologies which has produced good results.  He said that the new application has helped to manage the entire transport system in the hospital in a better manner, reduce the operating costs and enable real time monitoring of the vehicle movement as GPS data is integrated to Zoho Creator application.

The programme was followed by an interesting and useful Q & A session.

Mr Raveendran, Secretary of CMA, President of CIO Club, Coimbatore, and CTO of Sakthi Finance, proposed a vote of thanks. He said that the programme was educative and called upon the CMA to organise such programmes for other industries in Coimbatore too.

The event was sponsored by Zoho Corporation which served high tea and tasty dinner at 7 pm.

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